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Wipro Placement Papers | Interview Questions | Recruitment Process

Wipro Placement Papers | Interview Questions | Recruitment Process

Wipro Placement Papers | Interview Questions | Recruitment Process

About the Company:

Wipro Limited (Western India Palm Refined Oils Limited or more recently, Western India Products Limited) is an Indian Information Technology Services corporation headquartered in Bengaluru, India.The company was incorporated on 29 December 1945, in Amalner a small town in Jalgaon district by Mohamed Premji as ‘Western India Products’, later abbreviated to ‘Wipro’. In 2013, Wipro demerged its non-IT businesses into a separate companies to bring in more focus on independent businesses.

Wipro has been ranked 1st in the 2010 Asian Sustainability Rating (ASR) of Indian companies and is a member of the NASDAQ Global Sustainability Index as well as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

In November 2012 Guide to Greener Electronics, Greenpeace ranked Wipro first with a score of 7.1/10.As per as an interview Azim Premji also stated that the Mithun Chatterjee GL in the WIPRO BPS KDC can be elected as the CEO.

Wipro Placement Test Pattern has changed for 2018 Batch


Wipro Old Test Pattern – 2017 Batch

S.No Sections No of Questions Time Limit
1 Quants 16 16
2 Logical 14 14
3 Verbal 25 25
4 Technical 14 17

Wipro New Test Pattern – 2018 Batch

S.No Sections No of Questions Time Limit
1 Verbal reasoning 22 22
2 Logical reasoning 18 18
3 Quantitative aptitude 16 16
4 Coding test 2 45
5 Written communication test 1 20

Test Description:

The old Wipro pattern had online written test with four sections such as Quants, Verbal, Logical and Technical multiple choice questions. About 69 questions are to be answered within the time limit of 72 minutes. This pattern tests each individual more on general aptitude topics and problem-solving skills.

In this year, They need candidates who are well versed in Computer technical skills. So that this time for 2018 Batch they have totally revamped the pattern. The new recruitment process at Wipro unfolds in three rounds which cover various tests and interviews that a candidate is required to take. The online written test has five sections namely Verbal reasoning, Analytical reasoning, Advanced quantitative aptitude, Programming test and written communication test.

In verbal section, Questions are majorly on topics like synonyms, antonyms, spot the error, reading comprehension as multiple choice questions. It will have 22 questions to be answered with a time limit of 18 minutes.

In logical reasoning section, Questions are on topics such as Blood relations, coding-decoding, seating arrangements, data interpretation, statement sufficiency.

In quantitative aptitude, Advanced quant questions are asked from topics like profit loss, permutation& combination, number series, and probability

In the coding test, two programming questions are asked where you have to write code on your flexible programming language like c, c++, java.  The time limit for this round is 45 minutes but the weightage of marks is 100 for each question in this round. Examples: Triangle pattern, number pattern, strings, backtracking etc

In Written communication test, students are provided with a single topic related to the scenario, current affairs and general topics etc and have given a time limit of 20 minutes to complete it. In this round essay topic relevancy, English proficiency, grammar, and creativity of an individual are tested.


In order to qualify for Wipro, a candidate must get through the following rounds –

1.Online Written test
2.Technical Interview
3.HR interview

Wipro online written test is outsourced to Aspiring minds

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