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Soliton Placement Papers | Interview Questions | Tips

Soliton Placement Papers | Interview Questions | Tips

Soliton Placement Papers | Interview Questions | Tips

About the Company

Soliton, a technology company with operations in India and the US. Offers consulting and development services to solve challenging problems in the areas of  Measurement & Automation, Embedded Systems Design, Machine Learning & Data Analytics, Machine Vision & Computer Vision and User Interface Design for Devices and Equipment. It is primarily known for its India ‘s first indigenously designed and manufactured industrial machine vision camera and smart camera respectively. It was founded in 1998   headquartered in the city of Bangalore. It has its other office locations in Coimbatore, Wisconsin, Texas and California with a strength of around 200+  employees and got about 25 awards for innovation.Their goal is to become a visionary technology company from India known for integrity, excellence, and innovation.

Soliton Placement Test Pattern

Sections Time Allotted (Minutes) No. of Questions Topics Covered
Round 1 60 10 Physics, Programming logic, Aptitude
Round 2 30 – 60 2 – 4 Puzzles, Programming concepts, riddles, Essays, Circuit designing

Test Description

Soliton‘s recruitment process involves the following rounds:

1.Written test

2. Group discussion

3. Technical interview

4. Puzzle round

5. Problem-solving round

6. Programming round (at office premises)

7. HR interview


Written Test:

This Round has 2 sections. Each section has a sectional cut-off. They evaluate the 2nd section of the paper only if the candidate had qualified the 1st section with the required cut-off marks.

Section 1:

The first round consists of 10 questions

  • Physics(Electro magnetic, Projectile, Energy, Power)
  • Maths(Area, Volume, Velocity, Aptitude)
  • C programming(Pointers)

Electronic devices, Embedded systems,12th  physics like velocity, acceleration related questions. They provide some basic formulas like v=u+at. Mass and weight related problems. Frequency related problems

Section 2:

In this round, you are provided with 3  Bonus questions which carry of additional marks to solve logical puzzles, math tricks, probability, riddles, circuit designing(kcl, kvl) with a time relaxation of  30 minutes to 60 minutes. where group discussion and technical interview will happen in parallel.


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