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Mphasis Placement Papers | Interview Experience & Selection Process

Mphasis Placement Papers


Mphasis is an IT services company based in Bangalore, India. The company provides infrastructure and application outsourcing services as well as architecture guidance, application development and integration and application management services.

This company conducted a pool campus drive in one of the colleges of Bhopal. Around 600 students came for the drive from 5 to 6 colleges.


This is how the selection process of Mphasis went ahead:

1. Aptitude Test.
2. Interview & Versant Round.

Firstly, the company organised a Pre Placement Talk. In that, they talked about the company profile, package and bonds.

Then they continued with the selection process.
1. Aptitude Test

The online test was organized by AMCAT which consisted of four sections –

1. Quantitative Aptitude
2. Reasoning
3. English
4. Computer Programming

All questions were of multiple choice and level was difficult.

After test, the panel displayed the result in half an hour. Out of 600, only 90 students were selected for the interview process.
2. Interview & Versant Round

Selected candidates were called for the interview one by one. Interview given by them was related to technical and a GD session was also conducted. Mphasis do not conduct HR interview seperately but, sometimes technical interviewer asks some HR questions.

Some questions asked in interview were:

  • Write a program to get the size of the int using sizeof()?
  • What are the classes required to send e-mail from an ASP.NET application?
  • What are VSDISCO files?
  • How to create a ASPX page that refreshes itself after some interval of time?

Some questions were asked on the internship and projects that we had done.

75 students were selected for the Group Discussion. 15 groups were formed and given the topics on which we had to discuss and speak for 5-10 minutes. It was an elimination round.


Topics given were like:

Reservation in India.
Which game is better cricket or football?
Examinations – Has it killed education?
Impact of Globalization.
Around 56 candidates were chosen for versant round. In this round, a person from Mphasis sent a candidate to conference room, there was a landline phone. He dialed a number and handed over the phone to the candidate along with an instruction written on a sheet.

The test had five parts:

Part A: Reading.
Read the sentences written on a sheet which computer asks.

Part B : Repeat.
Here, you will have to catch ascent. Ascent will be American.

Part C : Make the sentences.

Part D: Some question that can be easily answered.

Part E : Computer told a story of around 3-4 lines we had to hear it properly and repeat it.

Trick – Note the keywords in mind and narrate a story on your own using those keywords.

Out of 80 questions, 53 is compulsory to obtain. Otherwise, you will not be selected.

Finally, 30 candidates were selected by Mphasis for the position.

Some tips for you that will help to crack interview:

  • Keep your resume updated whenever attending any interview.
  • Practice to speak and improve your fluency.
  • Prepare well for the GD session and refer to general topics, like economical issues, sports etc.
  • Prepare programs related to fibonacci series, palindrome, armstrong number, factorial, prime number and printing a string given in a row into a column. The main interview is technical so interviewer focuses on programming.
  • Watch English news, some of the inspirational English movies and channels, like Discovery and try to speak them in their tone. This will help you to improve your ascent and vocabulary too.

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