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Cummins Interview Questions

Interview Questions

1.(A student from Walachand College of Engineering Sangali got scored   78.15 % in Mechanical Engg. , 78.37% in 12thand 80 % in 10th)
Technical Interview:
  • Explain the second law of thermodynamics.
  • What kinds of pipes are used for steam lines?
  • What is ferrite?
  • What is the difference between shear center flexural center of twist and elastic center?
  • What is a cotter joint?
  • What is the alloy of tin and lead?
  • What is Hess Law?
HR Interview:
  • Tell me about your hobbies?
  • What is the name of your HOD?
  • Are you able to relocate to Jamshedpur or Barmati?
  • Tell me about instances when you displayed leadership qualities at your college?
  • What is your ambition in life?
  • Tell me about your highs and lows in these 4 years of college life.
2.(A student scored CGPA 7.15 in graduation, 72.35% in 12th and 83% % in 10th   Profile – Software Developer)
Technical Interview:
  • What is the difference between Call by value and call by reference?
  • What are the advantages of inline function?
  • Why virtual destructor is used?
  • What is the use of virtual class?
  • Why scope resolution operator is used?
  • What is the provider and namespaces used to access the database?
  • How to invoke queries from the application?
  • How to load XML document and validate it?
HR Interview:
  • Tell me something about yourself?
  • Is there anything which you failed to do?
  • Why should I hire you?
  • Would you like to work in a team or on your own?
  • Has your career developed as you had liked?
  • Why Cummins?

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