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CoCubes Reasoning Attention to Details Question and Answers

CoCubes Reasoning Attention to Details Question and Answers

CoCubes Reasoning Attention to Details Question and Answers

1) Violating an Apartment Lease occurs when a tenant does something prohibited by the legally binding document that he or she has signed with a landlord. Which situation below is the best example of Violating an Apartment Lease?

A)Tim has decided to move to another city, so he calls his landlord to tell him that he is not interested in renewing his lease when it expires next month.

B)Valerie recently lost her job and, for the last three months, has neglected to pay her landlord the monthly rent they agreed upon in writing when she moved into her apartment eight months ago.

C)Mark writes a letter to his landlord that lists numerous complaints about the apartment he has agreed to rent for two years.

D)Leslie thinks that her landlord is neglecting the building in which she rents an apartment. She calls her attorney to ask for advice.

Correct Answer : B

2) Posthumous Publication occurs when a book is published after the author’s death. Which situation below is the best example of Posthumous Publication?

A)Richard’s illness took his life before he was able to enjoy the amazing early reviews of his novel.

B)Melissa’s publisher cancels her book contract after she fails to deliver the manuscript on time.

C)Clarence never thought he’d live to see the third book in his trilogy published.

D)Elizabeth is honored with a prestigious literary award for her writing career and her daughter accepts the award on behalf of her deceased mother.

Correct Answer : A

3)A Guarantee is a promise or assurance that attests to the quality of a product that is either (1) given in writing by the manufacturer or (2) given verbally by the person selling the product. Which situation below is the best example of a Guarantee?

A)Melissa purchases a DVD player with the highest consumer ratings in its category.

B)The salesperson advises Curt to be sure that he buys an air conditioner with a guarantee.

C)The local auto body shop specializes in refurbishing and selling used cars.

D)Lori buys a used digital camera from her coworker who says that she will refund Lori’s money if the camera’s performance is not of the highest quality.

Correct Answer : D

4) A Tiebreaker is an additional contest or period of play designed to establish a winner among tied contestants. Which situation below is the best example of a Tiebreaker?

A)At halftime, the score is tied at 28.

B)Mary and Megan have each scored three goals in the game.

C)The referee tosses a coin to decide which team will have possession of the ball first.

D)The Sharks and the Bears each finished with 14 points, and they are now battling it out in a five-minute overtime

Correct Answer : D

5) In the Maple Hill school district, a Five-Day Suspension occurs when a student is not permitted to attend school for five days for (1) physically assaulting another student, a teacher, or a school employee or (2) willfully destructing or defacing school property. Which situation below is the best example of a Five-Day Suspension?

A)Lillian gets caught cheating on a math test for the second time and is suspended from school.

B)Marc is asked to leave the classroom due to his constant disruptions.

C)Franny uses spray paint to write derogatory comments on the locker room wall and she is given a suspension.

D)Ms. Farmer tells her class that students who fail the midterm exam will be expected to stay after school for tutoring help.

Correct Answer : C

6)Reentry occurs when a person leaves his or her social system for a period of time and then returns. Which situation below best describes Reentry?

A)When he is offered a better paying position, Jacob leaves the restaurant he manages to manage a new restaurant on the other side of town.

B)Catherine is spending her junior year of college studying abroad in France.

C)Malcolm is readjusting to civilian life after two years of overseas military service.

D)After several miserable months, Sharon decides that she can no longer share an apartment with her roommate Hilary.

Correct Answer : C

7)The school principal has received complaints from parents about bullying in the schoolyard during recess. He wants to investigate and end this situation as soon as possible, so he has asked the recess aides to watch closely. Which situation should the recess aides report to the principal

A) girl is sitting glumly on a bench reading a book and not interacting with her peers.

B)Four girls are surrounding another girl and seem to have possession of her backpack.

C)Two boys are playing a one-on-one game of basketball and are arguing over the last basket scored.

D)Three boys are huddled over a handheld video game, which isn’t supposed to be on school grounds.

Correct Answer : B

8) Mark is working with a realtor to find a location for the toy store he plans to open in his town. He is looking for a place that is either in, or not too far from, the center of town and one that would attract the right kind of foot traffic. Which of the following locations should Mark’s realtor call to his attention?

A)a storefront in a new high-rise building near the train station in the center of town whose occupants are mainly young, childless professionals who use the train to commute to their offices each day.

B)a little shop three blocks away from the town’s main street, located across the street from an elementary school and next door to an ice cream store.

C)a stand-alone storefront on a quiet residential street ten blocks away from the town’s center.

D)a storefront in a small strip mall located on the outskirts of town that is also occupied by a pharmacy and a dry cleaner

Correct Answer : B

9)Rita, an accomplished pastry chef who is well known for her artistic and exquisite wedding cakes, opened a bakery one year ago and is surprised that business has been so slow. A consultant she hired to conduct market research has reported that the local population doesn’t think of her shop as one they would visit on a daily basis but rather a place they’d visit if they were celebrating a special occasion. Which of the following strategies should Rita employ to increase her daily business?

A)making coupons available that entitle the coupon holder to receive a 25% discount on wedding, anniversary, or birthday cakes.

B)exhibiting at the next Bridal Expo and having pieces of one of her wedding cakes available for tasting.

C)placing a series of ads in the local newspaper that advertise the wide array of bread.

D)moving the bakery to the other side of town.

Correct Answer : C

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