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CoCubes Placement Papers | Interview Tips | Test Pattern

CoCubes Placement Papers | Interview Tips | Test Pattern

CoCubes Placement Papers | Interview Tips | Test Pattern


About CoCubes

CoCubes is India’s leading assessment and hiring platform. They run assessments to measure employability across all domains – from programming to plumbing. CoCubes works with 600+ corporate clients to execute entry level and lateral assessments and has access to more than a million candidates through its platform.They run 2 million+ assessments each year in 350+ cities; thus, everyday helping corporate clients reduce interview bandwidth using our central assessment platform, helping institutional clients measure and improve employability and helping candidates move ahead on their career path.

What is CoCubes Pre Assessment Test:

PRE-ASSESS is a test by CoCubes.com whose scores are used by companies to hire. PRE-ASSESS is a mix of different modules which help assess a student on various skills which are useful in a job. The score of this test is then shown to companies when you apply for them on CoCubes.com. More than 200 companies use CoCubes PRE-ASSESS to hire.



This section is compulsory for all consist of topics from English usage , Analytical reasoning, Numerical reasoning, Pyschomteric test

Domain Module:

This Section consists of various topics in which you have to choose one according to your relevant job. It consists of topic from

Coding Module:

Writing codes to solve a set of problems in language of choice : C, C++, C#, Java

Cocubes Test Pattern

Section Name Time Duration No. of Questions Topics Covered
Aptitude Module ( 45 Minutes ) English 15 Reading Comprehension ; Grammar including Articles , Prepositions, Sentence Correction, Speech, Tenses; Verbal Ability including Synonyms, Antonym, Spellings, Idioms and Phrases
Quantitative ability 15 Concepts of Mathematics including Time & Work, Speed & Distance, Algebra, Equations, Progressions, Profit & Loss, Ratios, Averages, Geometry and Data Interpretation
Reasoning Ability 15 Visual Reasoning, Statement & Conclusions, Relationships, Logical Reasoning, Attention to Details and Flowcharts
Psychometric module (12 min) Personality test 50 Behavioural profiling based on commonly known personality traits
Domain module(20 min) Engineering branches 20 Basics of Computer science, Electronics and semiconductor, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Industrial engineering
Coding Module(30 min) Computer Programming 3 Basic programming,OOPS, Data structures, c, c++, java.

How is the cut-off recommended for a test?

There are industry standard methods to decide cut-offs. One of the most commonly used is Angoff method. In this method, following steps are taken

  1. For each question, approximate accuracy rate is determined (based on level of difficulty/past data for that question).
  2. An average is taken across questions to compute the overall accuracy rate.
  3. This % is the suggested cutoff. Of-course, the company can increase or reduce the cutoff
  4. g. if 5 questions have an expected accuracy of 30%, 10 questions have an expected accuracy of 50% and 5 questions have an expected accuracy of 75%, then the overall cutoff will be (5*30% + 10*50% + 5*75%)/20 = 51.25%


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