Technical Questions Asked In Syntel

Technical Questions 1.Under which of the following Big O notation it is suggested to review design of algorithm? A.O(nlogn) B.O(n2) C.O(n) D.O(2n) Answer & Explanation Answer: Option D. 2.Merge sort algorithm uses _________ technique A.Brute force B.Divide and conquer C.Greedy D.Dynamic programming Answer & Explanation Answer: Option B. 3.Create index …

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Test Pattern & Selection Procedure Of Syntel

Test Pattern & Selection Procedure Syntel: Syntel is a global IT service provider. It also provides Knowledge Process Outsourcing solutions. The company was founded in 1980 and headquartered in Troy, Michigan. The company mainly functions in financial services, healthcare, insurance, retail & automotive verticals. The Syntel Test-Pattern and Selection-Procedure is as follows: Selection Process: The …

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Syntel Placement Papers | Interview Process

About the Company Syntel, Inc. is a U.S. based multinational company that provides integrated technology and business services. Headquartered in Michigan, the company utilizes development centers in India. Syntel is a minority-owned business (MBE). The company is led by President Rakesh Khanna, who was appointed in November 2016. Syntel was founded in Michigan in 1980 with an initial investment of …

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