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SAP Sample Verbal Questions

Sample Verbal Questions 1.Which of the following conclusions can be drawn from the first paragraph? A.Robert Ludlum wrote short stories B.Literary merit and popularity always go together. C.Literary merit and popularity often do not go together. D.None of the above. Answer & Explanation Answer: Option C. Refer, “This anecdotal …..undeserving …

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Technical Questions Asked In SAMSUNG

Technical Questions   1.Which of the following class access protected and private members of other class? A.Friend class B.Virtual class C.Main class D.None of these Answer & Explanation Answer: Option A. Thers is more coupling between classes. 2.What is output of following code fragment? int val,res,n=1000; val=2000; res=n+val>1750?400:200; cout<< res; …

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Samsung Interview Questions

Interview Questions 1.(An engg student having 10th grade-84% 12th grade-80% and graduation score-75.6%) Technical Interview: Explain the process of polymorphism. Explain the term rvalue. What are different types of arrays? State some differences between var++ and ++var. Do you know how single-dimension arrays are represented in memory? Can you write …

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Test Pattern & Selection Procedure Of SAMSUNG

Test Pattern & Selection Procedure SAMSUNG: SAMSUNG Group is a South Korean multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. It comprises numerous subsidiaries and affiliated businesses, most of them united under the Samsung brand and it is the largest South Korean conglomerate. The Samsung-Test-Pattern and Selection-Procedure is as follows: Selection Process: The company conducts …

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SAMSUNG Sample Verbal Questions

SAMSUNG Sample Verbal Questions 1.The words in a sentence, if not arranged properly, convey altogether different meaning than expected. A.Then not managed properly B.If never suggested proper C.If not arranging properly D.If not management proper E.No correction required Answer & Explanation Answer: Option E. The sentence is correct. 2.Studies in …

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