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Mu Sigma

Mu-Sigma Interview Questions

Mu-Sigma Interview Questions 1.(A student from Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology scored 75.14% in B.Tech , 71.11% in 12thand 72.13% in 10th) Technical Interview: How many trees are there in Delhi? (Guesstimate type questions) Questions related to a case study and some puzzles. Differentiate between class and structure? What is …

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Mu Sigma Reasoning Questions

Mu Sigma Reasoning Questions 1.Statement: Some squares are circles, Some circles are rectangles. Conclusion: I.At least some rectangles are squares. II.No rectangle is a square. A.Only conclusion II follows B.Only conclusion I follow C.Neither conclusion I nor II follows D.Either conclusion I or II follows E.Both conclusions I and II …

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