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Mindtree Interview Questions

Mindtree Interview Questions 1.(A B.E. CSE,CGPA: 9.56,10th Marks: 89.55%,12th Marks: 77.89%) Technical Interview: What is Computer programming principle? What is Data Type? What do you mean by a data complexity? What is Function? Explain serialization and overriding. What is Gregorian Calendar Class? Can you name some alternatives to inheritance? What …

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Mindtree Reasoning Questions

Mindtree Reasoning Questions 1.Statements:All fish are trees. No frog is tree. Conclusions:I. No frog is fish. II.Some trees are fish. A.If only conclusion I follows B.If only conclusion II follows C.If both conclusions follow D.If neither of the two conclusions follows Answer & Explanation Answer: Option C. So, both conclusions …

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