Technical Questions Asked In Essar

Technical Questions 1.A fly cutter is used on (10.13) A.Lathe B.Shaper C.Milling machine D.Slotter E.Planer Answer & Explanation Answer: Option C. 2.Brown and Sharpe taper is generally used in (10.64) A.lathes B.Drills C.Shapers D.Milling machines E.Broaching Mach Answer & Explanation Answer: Option D. 3.Floating of a currency leads to (11.100) …

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Essar Interview Questions

Interview Questions 1.(CGPA 7.3 in Graduation, 80.1% in 12th and 86.6% in 10th). Technical Interview: What is the critical speed of shaft? What is combine power generation? What is select miller cutter? What is calibration of an instrument? HR Interview: Can you define yourself in one word? Are you willing …

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