Technical Questions Asked In Dell

Technical Questions Most of the companies conduct technical tests as a part of their placement selection process. The main focus of these tests is on the technical skills and subject knowledge. Generally, the tests contain the questions related to the student’s specialization such as computers, electronics, electrical, civil, mechanical, etc. …

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Dell Interview Questions

Interview Questions 1.(B. Tech background, with academic profile as 8.90 CGPA, 85.2% in 12th and 96.4% in 10th.) Technical Interview: Give me the code of in-order recursive and non-recursive. A lot of questions were asked on sorting for eg. Best algorithm on the basis of number of swaps, number of …

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Dell Sample Verbal Questions

Sample Verbal Questions Long before experiments could detect gamma-rays emitted by cosmic sources, scientists had known that the Universe should be producing such high energy photons. Hard work by several brilliant scientists had shown us that a number of different processes which were occurring in the violent Universe would result …

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