Technical Questions Asked In CSC

Technical Questions Asked In CSC 1.In entity relationship model of DBMS which of the following mapping cardinalities is accepted? A.One to one B.Many to Many C.One to many D.All of these 2.Which of the following data item characterstics are important in data management? A.Punctuation B.Grammar C.Height D.Spelling 3.Which of the …

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CSC Sample Verbal Questions

CSC Sample Verbal Questions 1.Barren A.good B.wholesome C.Unproductive D.profitable Answer & Explanation Answer: Option C. The word Barren (Adjective) means : not good enough for plants to grow on it; infertile; unproductive. Look at the sentence: The team will come through this barren patch and start to win again. 2.Infamy …

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