Technical Questions Asked In Adobe

Technical Questions 1.Write a program to calculate factorial of a number #include #include int main() {int i,num,fact=1; cout<<”\nenter integer:”; cin>> num; i=num; while(num>0) { fact= fact*num; –num; } cout<< fact; return 0; } 2.Given the following for loop : const int Z=25; for(int i=0,sum=0;i sum +=i;} cout<< sum; Write equivalent …

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Adobe Interview Questions

Adobe Interview Questions And Answers 1.(NIT WARANGAL– CSE student with profile as 9.11 CGPA and having 91.4 % in 12th and 89.7 % in 10th offering job profile as Software Engineer) Technical Interview: Implement a 2D bit-matrix representing monochrome pixels which will have only OFF/ON values and will take on …

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