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Genpact Interview Questions

Interview Questions 1.(A B.E. ECE student having 10th grade – 92.4%, 12th grade – 86%, Graduation score – 65.4%) Technical Interview: What are“class access modifiers”? Give me any three differences between “Truncate” and “Delete”. What do you understand by “access specifiers”? What isan abstract class and when do you use …

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Technical Questions Asked In GE

Technical Questions 1.Which of the following is the programs that is used to find out possible faults and their causes? A.Operating system extensions B.Cookies C.Diagnostic software D.Boot diskettes Answer & Explanation Answer: Option C. 2.A Pixel is _________ A.A computer program that draws picture B.A picture stored in secondary memory …

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GE Interview Questions

Interview Questions 1.(A B.Engg – ECE student from Panjab University with 7.34 CGPA and having 87.5 % in 12th and 90 % in 10th standard.) Technical Interview: Give some differences between open loop and closed loop control systems. What is the Nyquist criterion regarding control systems? What does a Bode …

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