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Elitmus Syllabus

Elitmus Syllabus 2017 -2018

Elitmus Syllabus 2017 -2018 Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus Number Systems Probability Permutation Combination Geometry Equations and Inequalities Arithmetic , Geometric and Harmonic Progressions (AP,GP,HP) Logarithms Speed, Time and Distance Time and Work Mixture and alligation Percentage Reasoning and problem solving Syllabus Data Tabulation based Questions crypt arithmetic Problem Arrangement Based Problems Bar …

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ELitmus Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus 2017-2018

Elitmus Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus 2017-2018   1. Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus for elitmus pH Test Number Systems (at least 4 Questions) Probability (Roughly 2 Questions) Permutation Combination  (2 Questions) Geometry (At least 3 Questions) Equations and Inequalities (1-2 Questions) Arithmetic , Geometric and Harmonic Progressions (AP,GP,HP) : (1-2 Questions) Logarithms (1 …

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