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Amcat Syllabus

Amcat Syllabus 2017 -2018

Amcat Syllabus 2017 -2018 Compulsory Syllabus English Quantitative Ability Logical Ability AMPI General Excel Computer Programming Physics Chemistry  Basic Biology  Marketing  Finance and Accounting Banking & Financial Services Human Resources (HR)  Operations Pharmaceutical Sciences Front Office Housekeeping Culinary Skills Food and Beverage Service Engineering Syllabus Computer Programming Computer Science Electronics …

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AMCAT Basic Statistics Syllabus

AMCAT Basic Statistics Syllabus Number of Questions: 20 Module Duration: 30 min Detailed Syllabus: Exploratory Analysis Statistical survey and presentation of data Measures of central tendency Measures of dispersion Skewness Design of experiments, sampling, sampling error, sampling bias Statistical inference Formulating null and alternate hypothesis Type I and Type II errors z-test/t-test, …

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Amcat Chemistry Engineering Syllabus

Amcat Chemistry Engineering Syllabus Number of Questions: 18 Module Duration: 15 min Detailed Syllabus: Physical Chemistry Atomic structure Chemical bonding Gaseous state Chemical thermodynamics Chemical and ionic equilibrium Solutions and colligative properties Electrochemistry Chemical kinetics Inorganic Chemistry Periodic table and periodic properties s, p and d-block elements Coordination compounds Organic Chemistry Purification …

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AMCAT Paint Technology Syllabus

AMCAT Paint Technology Syllabus Number of Questions: 20 Module Duration: 15 min Detailed Syllabus: Raw Materials and Precursors Introduction to components of surface coatings Organic, inorganic pigments, extenders, dyestuff, natural resins and polymers Synthetic resins and polymers Coating Manufacturing, Evaluation, Types Formulation principles and manufacturing of coatings Coating properties and evaluation Industrial …

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AMCAT Automotive Engineering Syllabus

AMCAT Automotive Engineering Syllabus Number of Questions: 26 Module Duration: 25 min Detailed Syllabus: Engine Components and Transmission Automotive Petrol and Diesel Engines Automotive Chassis Power Units and Transmission Automotive Electrical Systems and Electronics Auto vehicle technology and Electrical Vehicle Body Engineering Vehicle Dynamics Heat Transfer and Combustion Auto-Maintenance and Turn-Up General …

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AMCAT Chemical Engineering Syllabus

AMCAT Chemical Engineering Syllabus Number of Questions: 26 Module Duration: 25 min Detailed Syllabus: Transport Phenomena Fluid mechanics Heat transfer Mass transfer Chemical Process Engineering and Technology Process engineering and technology Chemical technology Chemical Process Principles and Design Chemical reaction engineering Chemical engineering thermodynamics Stoichiometry and process calculations

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