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ALLFON Placement Papers | Procedure And Information

ALLFON Placement Papers


ALLFON is an IT consulting firm along with specialisation into systems integration as well as offshore development company. ALLFON is headquartered in Los Angeles.
The campus placements of ALLFON consists of 5 rounds they are, Group Discussion, Aptitude test, Technical written test, Technical interview round and Personal Interview. Some of the Group Discussion topics observed in the last year campus placements were ‘if you were the Prime Minister of India’, “Take on Beauty Contests’, ‘media’s interface in actor’s life’, etc.

The questions of the written test are based on technical, aptitude and logical reasoning. Some of the questions that were asked in previous years are,

• What is the meaning of data redundancy?

• What is statistical database security?

• Explain graphical user interfaces?

• Explain the primary goal of system testing.

• What is Alpha testing and beta testing?

• X, Y and Z can do a work in 10, 12 and 15 days respectively. If 1st day X and Y do then 2nd day X and Z do and this repeats then when will the total work will finish?

• Questions based on Verbal ability

The technical section is usually tough and requires thorough knowledge of the context and relating to the profile. The questions in the personal interview and the technical round interview are based on the subject you chose as favourite or say that your interest lies in a particular subject. The personal interview is easy and is based on questions more which are based on your educational qualification as well as personal background, strengths and weaknesses.

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